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Review for Earth's Angels by Beth Worsdell

Earth's Angels by Beth Worsdell

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Series: The Earth's Angels Trilogy, Book 1
Publication: Self-Published
Publication Date: Oct 13, 2018
Format: Kindle
Price: $0.99
Pages: 330
Amazon Link: Click Here

Rating on:
  • Disturbances: 0/10
  • Erotic/Sexual content: 5/10
  • Gore/Dismemberment: 0/10
The last news update: the government notifies that an ice age is coming. The earth is dying and evolving. So, even if we didn't die of starvation or diseases, we are all going to freeze to death. Nothing we do can save us from the freezing temperatures, or the amount of ice and snow that was going to hit the planet.

I didn't remember any of this when I woke up, however...


Have you ever question about the ending of our human race? About our earth dying? Our carelessness toward our nature and our animals? Well, Beth Worsdell entangles us in a unique world where she shows the "ifs" and the "possibilities" of our world coming to a close.

Earth's Angels is the first installment of the Earth's Angels Trilogy Series, which has two versions: The Young-Adult and The Adult version. The difference between these versions is that the Adult version carries a descriptive detail on the sexual encounters among the characters. As a Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction Romance which consists of 22 chapters, you can leaf through these 324 pages with ease and deep intrigue.

Written from the first-person's perspective, Beth's eloquent hand defines a style best suited to a young-adult crowd. The narrative structure carries a smooth flow, fast-pace with a perfect visualization. In the first-ten chapters you may find the content repetitive and overly express, but take note that it gradually improves in the follow-up chapters. Beth expresses human emotions and passion vividly by closely giving life to her beloved characters. Anyone would be happy to notice the gracious advice given on how everyone can contribute to being an Earth Angel.

There were moments where you may question the realistic nature of a character's reaction to certain situations. The romance between the protagonist, Mel and her better half felt like a romance shared among newlyweds, thus, questioning the maturity of their relationship. There is a glow of positivity among Beth's characters that can light a fire of interest in her readers' hearts. Toward the end, this action induce plot will drive your adrenaline and elevate your heartbeat. When the narrative reached the moment of climax, it concluded with a blast filled with jaw-dropping outburst of emotions. There is a noticeable amount of punctuation and grammatical errors, hence, a through proofreading session is highly recommended.

One thing is certain: Beth's content driven read will stick you to the Earth's Angels leaving you seeking more about the aftermath in The Marilians.

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