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Review for The Marilians by Beth Worsdell

The Marilians by Beth Worsdell

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Series: Earth's Angels, Book 2
Publication: Self-Published
Publication Date: Aug 24, 2019
Format: Kindle
Price: $2.99
Pages: 323
Amazon Link: Click Here

Rating on:
  • Disturbances: 0/10
  • Erotic/Sexual content: 3/10
  • Gore/Dismemberment: 0/10
Look at her! I can't believe my eyes: look at my baby, how beautiful she is! In general, fathers always concern over the guy their daughter brings home, but in my case, it's different. I can see my James beaming with pride, looking at his baby girl dress in white: my heart flowing with happiness. Oh! I do look forward to live to see more joyful days like this. I found a great friend within Christik and the angels. Their support is a great strength, but I can't help worry over the future. The threat from The Marilians are real, just as the way our people and our friends, the angels, working together to defeat them. But a huge question dangles in front of me, what does the future hold for us?
Beth Worsdell will set your world on fire with her latest exciting addition to the Earth's Angels Trilogy Series. With her ceaseless efforts to entice her readers: she will set your heart ablaze, blending your imagination with a spark of folklore and science fiction, post-apocalyptic, romance. In these 23 chapters, you can leaf through the motions played by her pivotal characters. Recognize as the first author to release versions in Adult and Young-Adult: it's evident that Beth imprints her ambitious and bewitching nature to her plot-driven paragon. If you are looking forward to a read that will engulf you with surprising mysticism, driving sensations, and a new beginning, then Beth's eloquent writing will stand to voice itself to you. 

Clocking in this 321-pager, you can notice a positive drive with a traditional good versus bad, or as critics put it the glorious battle between the heaven versus the hell. Using this classic approach, she doubles the happiness of any reader who's familiar with her work. Voicing from a first-person, this fast-pace, adrenaline driving read consists of different phases making you move along with the protagonist, Mel. Creating a world that brings forth a woman's unyielding strength, she's the "chosen one" that paves the way to carve a new world with her supporting characters. 

Driven with an adequate amount of humor, the storyline will make your heart flip and dance as it entertains you. Beth pulls the strings as she navigates across her story with gears that set the plot in motion without depreciating its quality on mysticism. She was at her best when she gave color to her multifaceted characters with different derring-do traits: they were truly a credential. Needlessly, her ingenious style makes any reader overlook the content structure errors at large. The improper use of punctuation and sentence structure, the misuse of US and UK English were noticeable. At the end, one can't help do a generous comparison between the first installment and The Marilians. The splendid demeanor from the characters and the lively drive embedded within these pages sets your heart to the upcoming installment, My Own, My One. It's a celebration of supernatural and folklore that will keep you yearning for more. 
"Losing someone you know always seemed to give you a better appreciation of those who were still in your life"

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